Podcasting Pants

Podcasting Pants

Pants team members periodically get invited to be interviewed about aspects of the project. It's a delight to have these conversations, sharing our expertise and passion for build engineering. If you haven't heard these stories yet, you're in for a treat. And of course if you want to hear more conversations like these, suggest Pants team to your favorite podcasters. We're always happy to make time to share more about what we know and love.

Pants maintainer Benjy Weinberger discusses "Monorepo and Building at Scale" https://semaphoreci.com/blog/monorepo-building-at-scale.

Benjy puts on his CEO hat to delve into "Shifting Build Execution Paradigm" https://angelneers.com/podcast/28-shifting-build-execution-paradigm/

Pants maintainers Stu Hood and Eric Arellano pair up to address how "Pants Has Got Your Python Monorepo Covered" https://www.pythonpodcast.com/pants-monorepo-build-tool-episode-290/

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