Meet our newest Maintainer: Andreas Stenius

Meet our newest Maintainer: Andreas Stenius

The Pants open-source project exists and thrives thanks to the efforts of its various contributors, who do everything from system design to coding to updating our documentation to answering questions on our Slack workspace.

Within the larger group of official Contributors are a smaller group of Maintainers - people with an ongoing commitment to Pants, who help manage and steer the project.

Today I'm very pleased to announce a new Pants Maintainer: Andreas Stenius.

Andreas lives in Visby, the main city of Gotland, which in turn is the biggest island in Sweden, and home to world-famous rauks. He is mostly self-taught  as a developer, and has experience working with embedded systems and hardware engineering. He first learned BASIC on a Amiga 500 in the early 1990s followed by C and Pascal with friends in high school. When not working, Andreas enjoys kitesurfing, playing board games with his family, spending time out in nature, and volunteering as a sea rescuer (!

Since becoming involved with Pants, Andreas has made several prominent contributions, notably including Docker support (look out for that in the upcoming Pants 2.7 release!) He also regularly helps users on Slack and weighs in on design documents. We pride ourselves on keeping the Pants community helpful, friendly and respectful, and Andreas exemplifies these traits. His nomination as Maintainer is well-deserved recognition of his enthusiastic, ongoing support of the project.

Our thanks go to Andreas for all his excellent contributions so far, and we look forward to many more in his new role!

PS Would you like to become involved with a friendly open-source community building really interesting technology? We'd love to have you on board! Come say hi on Slack and we'll go from there.

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